SELECTION OF PARENTS IN CHILLI (Capsicum annuum L.) (Pages : 63 - 75)


Based on the degree of divergence among geontypes, the 20 accessions, CCA 1, CCA 2, CCA 3, CCA 4, CCA 5, CCA 6, CCA 7, BARI Morich 1, CCA 9, CCA 10, CCA 11, CCA 12, CCA 13, CCA 14, CCA 15, CCA 16, CCA 17, CCA 18, CCA 19, CCA 20 could be grouped into six clusters. Cluster I consisted of solitary individual genotype, cluster II and cluster III of three accessions, cluster IV of two genotypes cluster V of maximum seven genotypes while cluster VI consists of four genotypes. The highest intracluster divergence (1.7153) for cluster VI was invariably smaller than the lowest intercluster divergence between cluster III and cluster VI (3.247), thus authenticating the clustering pattern formed in this study. The intracluster divergence ranged from 0.00 and 0.07288 to 1.7153, whereas the intercluster divergence ranged from 3.247 to 12.677 between clusters III and VI and clusters I and V respectively. The four characteristics that played the greatest role in differentiation were yield per plant, plant height, days to 50% flowering and fruits per plant. In the present study, the clustering pattern did not follow their geoclimatic zonal distribution and taxonomic labels, suggesting that factors other than regional boundaries and taxonomic characters are also responsible for divergence. Six different homozygous divergent parents CCA 2, CCA 5, BARI Morich 1, CCA 11, CCA 15, CCA 19 were selected from six different clusters using ranking among genotypes within cluster. The divergence of the selected parents was also estimated by developing dendogram using 11 different characters. The minimum similarity was 17.52% among accession CCA 5 and CCA 11 and maximum similarity was less than 50% among accession BARI Morich 1 and CCA 19 indicating the adequate divergence. The genotypes differed significantly for all the traits and considerable amount of variation is observed in selected six parents. Download

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