EVALUATION OF RESISTANCE TO DARK LEAF SPOT (Alternaria brassicicola) IN Brassica rapa (Pages : 5 - 14)


Dark leaf spot (Alternaria brassicicola) is an important disease of brassica crops especially in Brassica rapa. A total of 281 cultivars of B. rapa including B. napus and B. juncea were screened in two different years by detached leaf and seedling symptom test methods. Two cultivars ‘Edononatsu’ and ‘Saori’ exhibited high levels of tolerance in both the years following the two inoculation methods, whereas some cultivars displayed borderline resistance and most of them were susceptible to the disease. A significant correlation (r = 0.52) found in disease severity between two years by detached leaf inoculation test. Cultivars identified as tolerant would be useful in breeding program to develop strains against dark leaf spot disease.Download

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